Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In a less then perfect world...

My prayers go out to the families for their horrible loss.
No words can comfort at such a tragic time.

Little Angels

When little angels times have come and they no longer
walk the earth, our love and prayers are sent
to cradle them, for without them is the curse.


Utility companies are a money making business, but heat, gas and water are necessities. Where is the line drawn, when furnaces are red tagged and companies are shutting off utilities necessary for a safe and healthy way of living.
Aprox. ten minutes away from where I live in a small southwestern town in Pennsylvania, a fire engulfed the Eddy’s home at aprox. 3 am. Seven people died in that fire, Rebecca Eddy
26, died along with her daughters, Tiffany Blake, 10, Rebecca Blake, 9 and Diamond Blake,7 and the three addition visiting children, Arthur children, Donna Jo, 5, Joshua Jr., 3 and Christopher, 2. Several were hospitalized with injuries in the attempted rescuse of these two familes.
Fire officials said the stove or space heaters may have set off the blaze in the Franklin Township home.The natural gas was reported shut off between 1 or 2 yrs ago. The facts are not quite clear, but it was reported in the Pittsburgh Post gazette that the gas furnace was red tagged.
Six children and a furnace is red tagged, does it not draw a red flag to authorities, that a family was in need of help. Living without a safe heat source, a family grasped to do what they could to keep warm in a extremely bitter cold winter.Is this another family whose children fell between the cracks, or it just not important enough for the fuel companies to look into the welfare of such small children. It is not their responsibility! Then who cares, for those who can’t care for themselves.
Cyril Wecht performed the autopsy and it was said all of them died of smoke inhalation, Mrs. Eddy found with the youngest cradled in her arms, she was over come by smoke. I ask that everyone keep the family in their prayers.

By all means I love my animals, but hell with the children lets save the dogs, my god do you know how many dogs are euphonized each year, I know there are plenty of children going without adequate care.


Matty said...

My God, this is horrible. Tonight I will pray for that family. Here in Canada,,,,,the Hydro company will not shut off the power even if you owe them money in the winter.,just for that reason. Without adequate heat, families are forced to take terrible chances with their lives.
How many deaths does it take before they will wake up? This tragedy should never have happened.
Yes, we are kinder to our animals than to our children.

Children with out voices said...

Thank you Matty for sharing in on this tragedy. The truth is most things in life are easier to prevent then to cure. It's been quoted" and ounce a prevention is worth a pound of cure". If one persons life is affected by awareness, then we have succeeded in reaching out.
Thank you!

Becky said...

That is awful.They only tried to do what they could do to stay warm expecially those children.I dont feel that the gas company should of shut off the gas even thought it wasnt in the winter when it was shut off.There had to be someone out there that couldnt of helped. I use to live in that house in 2001-2002. I lived in the basement and it was just as cold down there. I use to work at the personal care home that was there in the same house.I had no idea that house was gas heat.

Children with out voices said...

People want to point fingers but it could be anyone of is that same position. None of no when finacial loss or health issues or even mental issues enter the picture. help need not be interference there has to be away to reach people who need help, worse then those on the system is the working poor they put in hours of work and still cannot make ends meet. All we can do is pray for change..