Thursday, February 1, 2007

World Peace

We are here on earth experiencing both our oven heaven and hell. Many of us have been told as children, that someone always has it worse. In one way it was condoning domestic abuse, or maybe even a means of survival. What could be worse for a child then to be placed in the center of a war zone, with no side to choose.
It seems like a fairly common scenario, a predator of sort and then a victim.In domestic abuse this is clouded, who is the predator, who are the victims. In my eyes children are always the victims.
What makes my parents different from someone who is sitting on death row for murder, hmm bad aim, poor shot,etc the list goes on, fate, timing, just not their time.
I had wondered at some point what was my crime to serve such a sentence. The old adage "silence is golden" for whom ?
The repetition of such violence taken to the extreme, I had heard it said that the more you see, the more numb you become. I find that to be a farce, you can never ever adjust to violence , but you might do what you think you have too, to survive such abuse.
Physical wounds heal over and I guess that is true to the emotional abuse, at some point if your released from the abuse it might just have a chance to heal.
Almost everyone on this earth has the ability to create life and to destroy it. It's a fine line people walk and a weakness that exist in the human structure," the weak link."
World peace, that is difficult, when we can't bring peace within ourselves. The intricacy of emotions are many, on one side we have the positive and on the other the complete negative, where love flourishes, hatred attacks , happiness and then sadness.
Historically, further back then even the tribal people, we have those who were warriors and leaders of violence and the peaceful, loving people. Unfortunately genetics of the violent warriors were carried on because not only did they rape the tribes, villages of peace loving people but in the mass murders and share numbers they continued to breed the gene of hatred, anger and violence.

Where does it end, first we have to find out where it begins

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