Saturday, February 17, 2007


To view each day like the first of spring,
is to leave behind a barrage of heaviness.
City life is something that is bred into you, a vile of pros and cons, it's not something that is actually taught to you. You do learn what places to avoid and how to live within a rather violent set of surroundings. Unfortunately with the break down of family geographically, the old family neighbors rarely exist anymore. More demands from work and family, have created a estranged atmosphere .
I looked back at the days of childhood and the heavy racial riots that had become the norm.
Friends and family attacked by angered young people, innocent victims of a less then stable time.The 60's were filled with rebellion, it was a blend of light and darkness as the changes were drastic. It led me to wonder if people left to their own recourse, would improve their lives for the better or take themselves down.
As time branched out, I never thought I would see the ravages of war and violence becarried so heavely into the future. I thought how could history repeat itself? How could we not learn from past experiences and mistakes?
Today more then ever we have a chance to make a difference in a peaceful way. Extremist set a side, all of the worlds people touch on the same set of emotions, a unique thread that weaves the world closer together.

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